big datadata science

Technology to engage your customers and deliver the insights you need


A robust and flexible tech stack

When it comes to technology, we have two priorities: open source and availability. That’s why we use Linux, and it’s why we chose an Openshift PaaS (Platform As A Service) based on Kubernetes, plus a Cassandra cluster to handle big data. Our technology is completely scalable: we can increase data quickly and seamlessly so our infrastructure can meet and absorb the load of growing businesses, no matter what.

We are in Continuous Delivery mode, with the ability to deploy by feature without compromising quality. Our pipeline tests applications in different environments for integration, performance, internal and external revenue. Edelia’s proven record in terms of availability, reversibility and resilience is why EDF Group trusts us with their digital platform.

Jerôme Gorgibus Head of Cloud Services

Data science & Algorithm


Data Lake & Algorithms

Because using data to deliver innovative, relevant and personalised services is key to our business, Edelia has built its own Data Analysis and Data Science division. At its heart is a datalake and data analysis platform hosted on AWS – one of the world’s leading cloud computing services. Our data is stored in different S3 buckets according to its degree of aggregation, and we maximise readability and accessibility by sorting it in a column format using Parquet. With rapid data exploration, flexible machine learning models using R and Python technologies, and a highly available, robust runtime environment powered by a Spark cluster, we can offer our customers the powerful data tools they need to create new business opportunities.

Cyril Nguyen Data Scientist


Cyber Security: at the heart of our business

Protecting our customers’ data within our plateforms and ensuring service continuity is our top priority. Either hosted in the AWS public cloud or on premise within Equinix premium French datacenters (PCI-DSS, SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001 certified) our platforms are designed with the highest level of Security requirements following French ANSSI ( Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information) guidelines. In addition, we have been continuously improving our processes and technical assets by performing audits, pent test and we also allow our customers to perform their own audits on our systems. Externalised backups and geographical redundancy of our systems also ensures service quality, availability and resilience.

Michel Henry Production Director and CISO



Edelia has been GDPR compliant since May 25th 2018, and has named a Data Protection Officer. We train all our salaried personnel and external consultants in data protection, and we maintain all proper documentation regarding our data processing activities. We have implemented and automated data subjects’ rights to access, modify, be forgotten and data portability, as well as breach notification processes. We have set up the principles of privacy by design and by default, and rules for software development. With regular audits (including one in July 2019), systematic consent management and data minimisation, you can be sure that your customers’ data isn’t just in safe hands – it’s compliant with all your data obligations.

Gilles Caron Data Protection Officer