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The Edelia adventure: 15 years of energy experience

Paul Mordant Our values : cohesion, curiosity, trust, commitment, tolerance Paul Mordant CEO
The utilities sector is changing fast. This transformation is fuelled by intense competition, rapid innovation, ever-increasing client expectations and, of course, the challenge of our generation: addressing climate change.

Since 2005, Edelia has been passionate about simplifying the way people experience their energy consumption. Our unique technology platform combines AI, energy-specific data science and IOT integration, to deliver valuable insights to more than 12 million customers across Europe. We build on this success every day to play our part in building a more sustainable future for everyone.

Our values, explained by our people.

Dominique Vienne


Dominique Vienne
Engineering Director
The true power of Edelia is in the strength of our team. We’re not interested in hierarchies: we want people to work in unconventional ways to reach our common goals.
Sara Moujtahid


Sara Moujtahid
Innovation and New Business Director
When people aren’t afraid to fail, it’s more likely they’ll succeed. That’s the heart of the start-up culture which sets Edelia apart.
Michel Henry


Michel Henry
Production Director
Our business is based on trust. Our customers trust us to deliver secure, high quality services year after year – and we trust our people to keep on developing the agile new solutions that help us do it.
Julien Belhoste


Julien Belhoste
Client and Product Director
We are committed to working with our clients to create solutions which meet their customers’ needs perfectly. We’re also committed to helping people use energy in new, smarter ways – for the sake of our planet.
Mickaëlla Atam-Kassigadou


Mickaëlla Atam-Kassigadou
Financial Director
Our key value is tolerance. Ours is a company where everyone is treated with the respect they deserve so they can thrive in a relaxed, friendly environment.

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